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2017: the good, the bad and the ugly

12 2017
12:00 - door Peter Pool

It has been a good yeah in gaming, but it has also been a very bad year for gaming. There were some great games, but also lootboxes and companies transforming from hero's to villains. Lets have a look shall we.

The Good
Nintendo's return to form
After the failure that was the Wii U, Nintendo somehow got back on their feet. Not only did they deliver one of 2017’s best games with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But Nintendo came back with a console that wasn't really that far of from the Wii U. The Switch did what the Wii U should have been doing. Give the gamer the opportunity to always keep playing. This isn't just a lazy second screen. But a way to keep playing. The Switch is also a very pretty machine. Not a plastic childrens toy. It's a slick game-console that feels good in your hands and looks cool. I was never a big Nintendo fanboy, but this Zelda and the Switch are topnotch and give hope for what the Japanese gaming giant can do the coming years with Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3.

Sony and Bethesda doubling down on single player
I played a lot of Destiny and The Division and i will probably play the hell out of Anthem when it releases but in the end i am still more of a single player guy. I don't agree with EA’s leadership or Phil Spencer that the industry is moving from single player to service based games. Yes, these games are now part of the ecosystem but that doesn't mean there isn't room for more traditional gameplay experiences. What games do most people look forward to the coming years if we look at several polls on big gaming sites? The Last of Us 2, God of War, Days Gone, Red Dead Redemption 2, Crackdown, Death Stranding, The new From Software game and Anthem. Some are single player only, some have a multiplayer component and some are service based games. My Boodborne experience is entirely different from my Destiny experience. But i wouldn't want to miss them both. So it's good that both Sony and Bethesda take it upon themselves to protect the single player game. All kudos to them. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Oke most people know The Netherlands from our soft drug policy, red light district’s, canals, flowers and cheese. But since the start of 2017 we are also known as the country in which Horizon: Zero Dawn was made. A landmark title for the PS4. A technical masterpiece as called by Digital Foundry. Made by a studio known for the dark KIllzone games. Yes i am proud Horizon was made in this little country. 

The Bad
Microsoft finally has the best console (but forgot the games)
Just recently news came out that Phil Spencer made public that Microsoft is going to open and buy some studios to create exclusive titles. Exclusive to both the Xbox One and pc.... Its good news but before these studios are up and running it will take 3 to 4 years until a new game is produced. 2018 will see at least a few exclusives coming out. Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Crackdown and probably Halo 6. That's more than we have now but….not enough to compete with Sony’s tidal wave of exclusives. I love the Xbox One X and will probably play most western games on it and play all Japanese ans exclusives on my Pro...but Microsoft should do more to give people a reason to buy an Xbox. Maybe buy the Borderlands franchise from Take Two, buy Titanfall from EA or buy IO Interactive so it owns Hitman. Buy a couple of well known franchises so people know those are now the home of Xbox. But….i don't see this happening anytime soon.

The lack of release dates from Sony
Ever since the announcement of the PS4 we see very good shows from Sony (except this years PSX). But there is one thing that is always lacking: release date. We know God of War is coming early 2018 but we still haven't got a concrete release date. i understand that you don't want to postponed game like what happend with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End but what is happening now with God of War and Days Gone is ridiculous. in short: we should have more concrete release info from Sony.

The Ugly
Bungie sealed its destiny when it signed a deal with the devil
Bungie has always been one of my favorite studios but i am done with Bungie and the hole they dug for themselves. When owned by Microsoft the studio created timeless classics in the Halo franchise. But they wanted to move on and wanted their independence back. So they made a deal with Microsoft and the first thing they did when they finally were an independent studio was sign a deal with Activision Blizzard. A deal that said that if Bungie didn't deliver, Activision would get an considerable share of Bungie. This explains why we have seen Bungie turn from a good, talented developer into the monster it is today. A company that threw out people like Marty O’donell and Joe Staten and replaced them by arrogant people like Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy. People who care nothing for the community or the brand but only their next paycheck. This isn't the Bungie i remember. The Bungie of Myth, Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo: Reach. This is me signing of on Bungie and Destiny.

EA became the industries supervillain
I really don't know what the hell is going on with EA but it really made a mess of things. Mass Effect Andromeda, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the killing of Visceral Games in the period of give or take 6 months. The stock keeps rising but how long will people swallow shit like EA has pulled in the 2017? The future of Anthem is already being discussed on NeoGaf, YouTube and Reddit. The fear of what EA will do to this promising title is real and founded. Their vision of a service based game world is mocked by competitors and business partners. How long can they keep this up until the gaming community says enough is enough?


2017: the good, the bad and the uglySekiro attack