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Dont expect the next Soulsborne game anytime soon

12 2017
12:00 - door Peter Pool

At the game-awards, From Software surprised friend and foe with a 13 second teaser for an upcoming game. Fans all around the world went nuts. What could 'Shadows Die Twice' mean?

The first thing most people thought, including me, was a teaser for Bloodborne 2. Like many i thought the full trailer would be shown at PSX. Nothing happend. So we are stuck with this 13 second trailer. From Software’s Twitter account told fans they could expect more of this upcoming title in the next 12 months. 12 months??? This would mean the Soulsborne drought will continue in 2018.

But, it looks like Bandai Namco has foreseen this problem. That's why they are bringing Code Vein in the first half of 2018. A game that leans very heavy on the Soulsborne formula. What this also tells me is that the game in question is not Bloodborne 2. As far as i know, that IP is owned by Sony - like Demon's Souls for that matter. So it would not be up to From Software or Bandai Namco to announce this game.

So what is my speculation? Well it could be a new Tenchu game. A series that is known for using the word ‘shadow’ in many of its titles. It could also be a completely new IP. A Japanese themed Soulsborne game. Maybe a darker Nioh type game. I hope for the last. And maybe From Software could steal at least one thing from Nioh: the enemy stamina. It made Nioh’s fights so much more tactical. Just saying.

There was a rumour going round that tomorrow Bandai Namco are planning to announce a bunch of new games. Dont hold your breath but we can always keep our fingers crossed. 

Dont expect the next Soulsborne game anytime soonDevil May Cry V Nero