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Games i look forward to in 2018

01 2018
12:00 - door Peter Pool

A new year and a whole bunch of new games to look forward to. And i filtered out games like Death Stranding and The Last of Us 2 who are not oming out in 2018.

The Last Night
Ever since it debut on the E3 2017 Xbox briefing this one stuck with me. The game looked beautiful and the setting more than intriguing. There was some SJW issue with one of the makers, but i coulndt care less. This looks like a game i love to play in 2018. 

God of War
I have played some of the God of War games but was never a big fan. This new one however looks very promising. Not only does the game look incredible but also the new point of view and the brutal action looks like something up my alley. My only hesitation is the son. The arnt really a lot of games that do side kicks well.

Days Gone
I have seen a lot of previews of people who think Days Gone is just another post-apocalypse game like many before it. True, its survival in a very harsh environment like The Last of Us or State of Decay. But i think this game will have closer resemblance to games like GTA or Red Dead. Its an open world with missions, monsters and unfriendly people.

Red Dead Redemption 2
GTA V set a new bar for open world games. How good games like Horizon: Zero Dawn or Assassin’s Creed Origins are: they don't come close to what Rockstar build. Well now it's time to again set a higher bar with the imminent release of Red Dead Redemption 2. I hope there is more than one protagonist though, the one in the trailer doesn't look as cool a John Marston.

This game looks amazing and the gameplay looks solide. The big question mark hanging over it like a dark cloud is how EA will force Bioware to implement lootboxes. We have all seen the drama playing out with Dice and its Battlefront 2. Did EA learn its lesson or will it be stubborn greedy?I hope for the former...


New From Software dark fantasy
Is this the new Bloodborne, a Feudal Japan dark fantasy game or just a new Tenchu game? No one knows. Well, Hidetaka Miyazaki knows. I really hope its a sort of Feudal Japan/ Bloodborne hybrid. Samurai and Ninja’s versus Eldritch horrors. How cool would that be.

Metro Exodus
Oke, the first ‘gameplay’ wasn't real. But the second trailer shows us more of what the real product will be like and it still looks amazing. Giving the ambition to give the player more room to explore and the fascinating world Metro Exodus still looks like a game i can get lost in.


Of course there are a couple of more games on its way that we dont have any video's for like Halo 6 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider that should be on this list but until they are official i cant put them on the list. But you bet i look forward to both of them. 

Games i look forward to in 2018Elden Ring cover