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My picks for game of the year 2016

12 2016
13:00 - door Peter Pool

Its been a good year in gaming. We got our first midcycle console upgrade, we got Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, Gears of War 4, the well deserved death of the Wii U and and a whole bunch of shooters. But what games are my favourites of 2016?

It is always tricky when you do a remake of a well loved franchise. Especially if its a classic like Doom. After Doom 3 and Rage (both fine games in my opinion) a lot of people thought developer id Software had lost its touch. But nothing seems further from the truth. Doom looks great, runs great and plays great. It's completely over the top in its violence and its tools of the trade. Its multiplayer isn't it strong suit but its campaign is well worth multiple playthroughs. For the creative ones under us there is also SnapMap in which you can build your own levels. Doom is another Classic in my opinion.

The other one does a fairly good job in its multiplayer. There aren't many games that give me such a rush when playing the multiplayer. Not only are the movements superb and unmatched by games like Call of Duty or Overwatch, the fact that that battlefield changes the moment the Titans start falling from the sky is unmatched. But Titanfall 2 won me over for its single player. This was a real blast. Every level had its own challenges, tricks and point to marvel at. Although Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was a very solid CoD, none of the levels feel really memorable. In Titanfall 2 almost all levels are memorable. The platform parkour running in the house factory, the fighting on board of a large spacecraft and of course the time shifting level are classics in its own right.

What connects these two games is the fun the give when playing. They know they are games, not simulators, and they go all in. They are made to give the person playing them a smile from ear to ear and that ladies and gentlemen is what gaming, in my humble opinion, should be all about.

Honourable mentions are the briljant Inside. Not only a brilliant platformer but also a story without words. Genius. I also enjoyed The Division. I am not a big Ubisoft fan but this game took the good stuff from Destiny, Gears of War and survival games like Day Z and blended it into something really cool. The poor endgame and the lack of good developed enemies (a shotgun sponge that runs towards you isn't challenging, just frustrating). Also No Man’s Sky should be giving credit. I know it's fashionable to shit all over Hello Games but just respect what they were trying to do and lets just hope they keep building on the promise. Last but not least Dishonored 2. Not so much a game that did something really new. But a game to continued on its quality first game and expended on it.

The last week of the year i started playing my first Dark Souls. This being Dark Souls 3 and something happend. I never expected that a game as punishing as this could ever grab me, but now i am addicted. And no, i am not the best player, far from it. But i want to go on. I want to defeat the next boss, explore the next part of the game. This game has an impact on me...i dont think gaming will be the same after it. And yes i am serious. So maybe its only fair to say that for me, the real game of 2016 is Dark Souls 3. Oh and yes, i died....about 2000000000 times. 

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